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In 1960, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the population of Greensboro, North Carolina was 74.2% white, and 25.8% was black. This was a period of segregation in which most black citizens were disenfranchised by state laws and were not allowed to vote. State and local governments were segregated by race, and facilities that served black residents were underfunded. The state's liberal Democrats remained in power throughout the decade, but the city's conservative white Democrats eventually flipped the balance and the Greensboro Justice Fund was born.

If you're interested in learning about the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on the world today, you can visit the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro. The museum focuses on the international struggle for human rights and is located in a historic building that was once home to Woolworth's, the location of the famous 1960s sit-ins. Visitors can enjoy the museum's 13 interactive Battleground Exhibits and a 90-minute Civil Rights Museum Legacy Tour.

Another attraction in Greensboro is the Weatherspoon Art Museum. Located at the University of North Carolina, the museum is home to the largest collection of modern art in the southeast. The museum also offers a number of educational programs and many art-based publications. Whether you want to learn about modern art or enjoy the art of the past, you can find something to inspire you in this vibrant university town. If you are looking for a place to spend your day, Greensboro is a great place to visit.

While you're in Greensboro, NC, don't just rush into anything. There's plenty to do in this thriving third-large North Carolina city. Enjoy shopping, dining, and recreation in this vibrant community. It has something to offer everyone. Make sure to plan a trip to Greensboro, NC! You'll never be bored in this city. Just take your time and enjoy! And, when you're done, be sure to check out the Greensboro Historical Museum.

During World War II, Greensboro was the center of the German Bauhaus movement in the United States. This was also the time when the city was prosperous enough to commission national-renown architects to build projects in Greensboro. Architects such as Walter Gropius, a pioneer of the German Bauhaus movement, and Ed Loewenstein, the founder of the Carolina Steel Corporation, also designed several projects in Greensboro. Modernists like George Matsumoto and Eduardo Catalano also designed projects in Greensboro.

The city's downtown area is renowned for its shopping. Four Seasons Town Centre offers upscale shopping in a three-level regional mall. Friendly Center is an open-air shopping complex featuring the largest Harris Teeter supermarket in the country. It also features a multiplex cinema. There are many upscale shopping malls and restaurants in Greensboro, including The Shoppes at Friendly Center. The city's international airport is nearby and the Fanta City International Mall, which is devoted to foreign exchange and has a Super G Market.

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is another excellent option for families in the area. This 7.5-acre public garden is home to bronze sculptures and traditional annual plantings. It also has a Sensory Garden, interactive landscape, and pier. A popular fall festival is held in the park. The garden is free and open to the public year-round. Once you've done exploring the city's rich history, you'll be happy you came.

Points Of Interest In Greensboro, NC 27401

If you're looking for a place to visit while in Greensboro, NC, you'll find it in the city's historical district. The downtown area offers a variety of attractions, from historic buildings to parks. A visit to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum will be a must-see for visitors. It's located on Elm Street and tells the story of the 1960s sit-ins that sparked a nationwide social justice and civil rights movement. The center features 13 interactive battleground exhibits and a 90-minute Civil Rights Museum Legacy Tour.

Whether you want to explore the city's history or indulge in its shopping, you'll find many things to do in Greensboro. The Bog Garden is one of the few public gardens managed by the City. It features elevated boardwalks and stone paths. It also includes Serenity Falls, a recirculating waterfall, which provides visitors with the soothing sounds of water and sight of wildlife. For families, Celebration Station is a great place to visit. You can try out go-kart racing, arcade games, and mini-golf. You can also check out the University of North Carolina's campus, which hosts the ACC Tournament.

Greensboro is a city full of history. The city was founded in 1808 and was named after Revolutionary War general Nathaniel Greene, who led the American effort during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. It is also the site of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. Although no major battles were fought in the city during the Civil War, it was the site of refuge for many war refugees. Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet sought refuge in the city.

For kids, there are several museums and attractions in Greensboro. The Greensboro Science Center has first-class exhibits and an aquarium. Its Herpetarium has live snakes. A large number of educational programs is offered at the center, including science workshops and camps for children of all ages. The museum is open year-round. A visit to the Greensboro Children's Museum is a great way to engage your children in learning through play.

Families and children of all ages can enjoy the city's outdoor activities. The Greensboro Museum offers children an opportunity to see traditional horses as well as animals that represent North Carolina. During the summer months, the city is home to the Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro Food Truck Festival, and the NC Folk Festival. Another favorite attraction in Greensboro is the Greensboro Science Center, which is located at S Hamilton St and Commerce Ave.

Another must-see in Greensboro is the Gibbs Brewing Company, run by Mark and Sasha Gibbs. They offer a wide variety of house-made brews. From a dark milk stout to a peppery, 6.9% saison, Gibbs has something to please everyone. If you're looking for something refreshing and fun, try their Whirligig Berliner.

Economic Growth Of Greensboro, NC 27401

The economic engine of Greensboro, North Carolina is tourism. This major industry supports thousands of jobs in hospitality and tourism. Greensboro provides lodging, entertainment, and transportation services to visitors. There are several different types of lodging, from bed and breakfasts to town homes and apartment communities. Serviced apartments in Greensboro provide affordable housing options for visitors. Whether you're looking for a rental unit for your extended family or a single-family home, Greensboro can provide you with a good deal.

The city has a diverse array of dining options. From fine dining to greasy-spoon fare, the dining scene in Greensboro is diverse. You can take part in a wide variety of activities in and around Greensboro, from golf and tennis to hiking and biking. You'll have plenty to choose from during your stay in the area, from water sports to country club activities. If you're looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, consider the many recreational opportunities available in Greensboro.

History is also a large part of Greensboro's history. Early settlements, including Hillsborough, became home to the Cherokee Indians. The American Revolution was unsuccessful in Greensboro, and General Robert Lee's home was burned during the Civil War. A tour of the city's history will help you learn more about the region's rich history. While Greensboro is a small city in North Carolina, there are plenty of attractions to keep the whole family entertained. During your stay in Greensboro, you can visit the Carolina Zoo to view a variety of animals. The Greensboro Science Center is a great place to visit with kids. During your stay in Greensboro, you can tour a natural park and see large red pandas. The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park offers interactive exhibits and reenactments of Civil War battle

The city's historical significance comes from its racial composition. As of 1960, Greensboro had a majority of white residents. Only twenty-four percent of residents were black. Jim Crow laws had been in effect in Greensboro at the time, and most blacks had no way of obtaining equal access to public accommodations. Local businesses had refused to hire blacks, so many protesters were charged with trespassing and nonviolent actions. The majority of protesters were high school and college students.

The city was originally developed around a central courthouse square, and was the county seat. This allowed the county courts to be situated near the geographic center of the county. Most county citizens traveled in foot or horseback. By the early nineteenth century, Greensboro had a population of three hundred and fifty. A short drive to Atlanta, Greensboro is an ideal place for a family vacation. The city is also known for its numerous cultural events, including the North Carolina Comedy Festival, the Greensboro Roller Derby, and a popular annual theater festival.

In Greensboro, the City of Greensboro has an initiative to implement a proactive rental inspection program. The goal is to reduce the number of foreclosures in the city. The initiative is also aimed at creating a more sustainable and healthy community. The City works with community organizations that educate property owners and residents about code enforcement and supplemental support services. The city also works with other local government agencies to educate tenants about redevelopment.

Amazing History Of Greensboro, NC 27401

In Greensboro, North Carolina, you can see red pandas and sharks in the Science Center, and visit the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, which features displays about the American Revolution. The International Civil Rights Center & Museum includes interactive exhibits and video re-enactments, and you can explore the Bog Garden, a wetlands area filled with flowers and a boardwalk that extends above the water.

One of the best reasons to visit Greensboro is for college. This town boasts five universities within three miles. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro was the first all-female university in the country, and now offers more than 100 undergraduate, 61 master's, and 26 doctoral degree programs. Many people choose to live in Greensboro for the opportunity to attend college, and the local community is remarkably friendly and supportive.

The Bog Garden is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon, with native owls and other wildlife roaming freely. In the summer, visitors can stroll the beautiful city market, and shop at unique local shops. For shopping, check out the downtown area. There are plenty of outlets to choose from in Greensboro, including boutiques and museums. Whether you're looking for something to do outdoors or indoors, you'll find something that's perfect for you in Greensboro.

The historic downtown district is another great place to spend time. In recent years, Greensboro has seen major development investments, including office and residential space. The Southside neighborhood, which was once considered an economically depressed part of town, is an excellent example of central-city reinvestment. The area has transformed from a dilapidated and economically depressed neighborhood into an award-winning neotraditional style community filled with modern amenities, active nightlife, and walkability.

Visitors can visit the historical museum located in the former First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro. The historic museum offers exhibits that detail the early days of the Gate City and the American Civil War. The exhibits at the Museum also feature replicas of the houses of the 18th century in Greensboro. The town is also home to the Proximity Hotel, which features a variety of art and antique shops. If you are traveling in North Carolina, you should take advantage of the many museums and attractions available in this city.

The Greensboro Science Center is a great place to spend time. This four-story facility features interactive exhibits. In addition to the zoo, you can also check out the museum and zoo. A top attraction in Greensboro is the Museum of Natural History. There, you can see a maned wolf, a fishing cat, a moon jelly, and golden lion tamarins.

Housing Market In Greensboro, NC 27401

If you're looking for a place to visit while in North Carolina, consider Greensboro, North. Home to sharks, red pandas, and other animals, this city is a great place to visit. The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park displays the American Revolution. The International Civil Rights Center & Museum features interactive exhibits and video re-enactments. If you're looking for a place for a romantic getaway, the Bog Garden in downtown Greensboro is a great option.

During World War II, the town suffered from its high percentage of white people, with 25.8% black residents. This population ratio made the city a prime target for the enemy, and the residents were constantly under threat. The residents would go indoors when darkness fell and hide glowing lights. The town continued to prosper during the post-Depression era, but its black population was still underrepresented in the government. The city was a booming, modern city.

In the 1960s, Greensboro had a population of 74.0% white and only 25.8% black. The state's Jim Crow laws made most black residents disenfranchised. Despite Brown v. Board of Education, the city's public schools and public buildings were still segregated racially. Local government and state governments underfunded these facilities, as their members were conservative white Democrats.

When European settlers first arrived in the area, the Saura were living in the area. The city was occupied by other indigenous groups such as the Cherokees. The city's development has been largely driven by the economic boom of the past few decades. Although the city's population remained stable, racial tension has increased. There were a large number of undocumented black residents, and the black population in Greensboro is much higher than in most parts of the United States.

There are a number of museums and historic sites in Greensboro. During the Second World War, Greensboro received its first African-American mayor and first woman on the city council. In the 1960s, the city was a center of the Confederacy and the site of the city's famous lunch-counter sit-in. It was also the site of the first sit-in demonstration in the civil rights movement.

The town's history is shaped by its connection to the railroad. It was named the railroad stop in 1845, and the railroad fueled significant growth in the city. The town became known as the "Gate City" because it became the transportation hub for goods to and from cotton textile mills. As a result, the city became home to many wealthy textile mills and a large amount of laborers. A number of other industries were based in Greensboro, including pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, and the military.

In the 1930s, the city's growth was influenced by the Great Depression. However, it continued to grow, and by the end of the Great Depression, Greensboro had about 200,000 residents. This city was the sixth-largest in NC at the time, while High Point remained the eighth-largest city. After the war, the city was incorporated as a city. By the 1950s, it had doubled its population and became the third largest city in the state.

Local Jobs In Greensboro, NC 27401

The city of Greensboro, North Carolina is full of places to visit, from the Red Pandas and Sharks exhibit at the Greensboro Science Center, to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, which displays the history of the American Revolution. The International Civil Rights Center & Museum is an interactive museum with re-enactments and video exhibits. The Bog Garden features a wetlands area with flowers and a boardwalk that overlooks the wetlands.

The area is also rich in history. The Blandwood Mansion is an example of an early 20th century progressive ideal. You can explore the mansion's remodeled interiors and admire the antebellum era windows. It's an unforgettable experience, and is worth the trip to Greensboro. During your trip to the city, be sure to stop by the Greensboro Science Center to check out their exhibitions and interactive broadcasting booth.

Visiting Greensboro, North Carolina is an exciting experience that should not be missed. You can explore the historic Blandwood Mansion, which was built in 1750, and learn about the city's progressive ideals. If you have the time and money to spend, you should definitely check out the Proximity Hotel. The downtown area has some very unique things to see, and the downtown area is packed with treasures to be found.

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is a must-see for visitors to Greensboro. The city's peaceful Sit-Ins sparked the nation-wide social justice movement. The museum is a must-visit for anyone who visits Greensboro. The museum includes the 90-minute Civil Rights Museum Legacy Tour, which includes both filmed content and a tour of the museum's exhibits. The original lunch counter where the Sit-Ins took place is one of the permanent exhibits. The center features thirteen interactive Battleground Exhibits.

The city's natural attractions are equally as diverse. The Tanger Family Bicentennial Gardens, for example, feature a shady gazeebo overlooking a babbling stream. The gardens also feature bronze statues and plaques that tell the stories of the lives of the founding fathers of the United States. These landmarks are among the most memorable and popular attractions in Greensboro, North Carolina.

There is an International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro dedicated to the struggle for human rights around the world. It was once a Woolworth's store, and was the site of a non-violent civil rights protest. Today, the museum features artifacts from the civil rights movement. It is open on Mondays and Fridays. The International Children's Museum is an excellent place for families to spend a night with young children.

As the population continued to grow, the city's city government changed. It was a three-member commissioner system and a ward-aldermanic system. The city's real estate was a wonder of the state in the 1920s. A ward-aldermanic system was in place, and a council-manager system was adopted in 1972. This allowed citizens to participate in the city's government and make important decisions.

Fast Growing Economy Of Greensboro, NC 27401

Greensboro North Carolina is located right in the heart of NASCAR hotbed Charlotte. It is the fastest growing metropolitan in the Carolinas. This city is known for its historic culture. Greensboro's skyline is filled with tall, beautiful skyscrapers blending in with the landscape. Below are some popular landmarks near downtown Greensboro.

The famous "Walking Street" was built to celebrate the first black family that immigrated to Greensboro. At one time the entire downtown area was segregated by the police force and the media. Today it is still very divided by race but is now considered integrated by the majority of the population. Two historic landmarks are the historic Woolworth's department store and the world war two polio hospital.

The city of Greensboro was one of the first planned cities in the United States. The city incorporated indeed in February of 1843. Early plans included a post office, jail, fire station, a cotton gin and a college. In later years the idea was adopted to convert the existing buildings into a central city including a Central Park. As the city developed the thought of a central park came about and the Woolworth's department store was built on top of the existing cotton gin and brick storefronts.

A visit to Greensboro will show you the diversity found not only in the downtown area but in the county seat as well. Greensboro is the home of the Professional Dirt Bikes Association which has clubs in the NASCAR racing scene. Many NASCAR teams race at the Georgia International Auto Show annually. The professional dirt bike racing scene has also spread to the nearby counties of Wilson and Bunky counties.

The cotton industry in Greensboro dates back to the early part of the 1900's. The area is known for its cotton production and also produces a good deal of peanuts. This history lends itself to a variety of history museums which tell the history of the area. The cotton production history museum itself tells the history of the area through exhibits.

There are many dining options in the downtown area including places like Applebee's and Fuddruckers. If you are looking for some greasy fried chicken you can go to Tubby's. There is plenty to do and see in Greensboro North Carolina. Whether you are traveling here for business or pleasure you will not be disappointed with your stay.

Must Visit Sightseeings In Greensboro, NC 27401

Greensboro North Carolina is the perfect spot for any vacationer. Located just outside of Charlotte, Greensboro has plenty to offer the visitor. There are lots of attractions and sites to see when visiting Greensboro. Here is what every visitor should see when visiting Greensboro.

What exactly is so great about Greensboro? The entire city is replete with exciting attractions. The most popular ones are located along major highways such as I-40 and 95 and I-NC pass. These highways link Greensboro with other major cities throughout the state of North Carolina. If you are visiting during the summer, there are numerous free visitor attractions within a few hours of downtown Greensboro.

In addition to all the fun things to do in Greensboro, you should also visit some of its state parks and gardens. The famous Hedges Garden rests at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and is known for its temperate climate. The park has beautiful gardens, historical markers and observation towers. Another notable park in Greensboro is the Thomasville Blue Ridge State Park. This park is the site of the oldest continuously operating public water plant in eastern North America.

You should not leave Greensboro without taking a stop at one or more of the restaurants in the area. Greensboro is known for its wide variety of restaurants; therefore, you will not run out of places to choose from while visiting. The best restaurants in Greensboro are located in the downtown area along Hillsboro Street. Along that same avenue, you will find a number of popular resorts and restaurants. These include The Omni, Town Lake Inn, Wild Oats Steakhouse and Bistro Le Plage.

As you travel through downtown Greensboro history you will come across the Thomasville Blue Ridge State Park. The park features beautiful maintained museums such as the Thomasville Locksmiths Museum, Botanical Gardens and The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. While there, don't forget to stop by the historic Thomasville Courthouse. Built in 1834, the Courthouse was designed by local woodworkers and contains a museum where you can learn more about the history of the courthouse and the area it encompasses.

If you happen to arrive in Greensboro before 6 pm, you may want to visit the North Carolina Aquarium. Located on Hillsboro Road, the aquarium is two stories and features over forty species of marine life. During your stay, you can also enjoy live entertainment performed by sea turtles and other friendly animals. The aquarium is open Monday through Sunday, noon to four pm on Saturday. Admission is free.

Affordable Places To Stay In Greensboro, NC 27401

Greensboro North Carolina is a thriving place to live, especially now that the housing market has begun to pick up. This eastern North Carolina city is located right in the heart of the Carolinas along I-35E. Here you can find many popular cities and counties such as Wake County, Dorchester County and Wilson County. Greensboro's growth has been fueled by its excellent employment climate and affordable housing costs. Though the number of residents has slowed for the last couple of years, Greensboro is still a destination town for families and retirees looking for high quality, low-cost homes or affordable rental properties."

In terms of national importance, Greensboro is second only to Raleigh in terms of overall population growth. The Greensboro News article notes that "In terms of population growth, Greensboro has been consistent, but it has lagged behind the other major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh in some areas such as public transit use, job outlook and income level." The writer goes on to note that this "has been especially true in the wake of a major recession that has resulted in a loss of jobs and a slump in the overall economy throughout the Carolinas. Real estate prices have also soared in recent times due to an abundance of supply, but experts say these factors will take a little time to balance out and will, in the long run, help the region recover from the recent real estate downturn better than most other regions in the country."

Another way the author portrays Greensboro as a good place to live is based upon its proximity to Raleigh. The author points out that Greensboro is just a "half-hour drive from Raleigh, the state's capital, where a host of national media outlets, companies, sports teams and entertainment venues are based. Additionally, as the regional economic base continues to grow, more people will need to move into this area to find good jobs and affordable homes."

This all sounds like good news for residents of Greensboro who are looking to move closer to the Raleigh metro area. Unfortunately, this isn't so good news for those of us living elsewhere in the county, because while we may be close enough to benefit from all the good things that come with having a good job, good health benefits, good education, etc., we aren't so close to enjoying all that the city has to offer. Greensboro is well known for its reputation for high taxes and large tax loads, and the abundance of land means that it's very difficult to build a home that will be affordable to middle-class citizens. Still, even if we don't enjoy all that Greensboro North Carolina has to offer, at least we know we're closer to everything we want without having to drive several hours to get there.

Living in Greensboro means you'll be surrounded by excellent schools. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is one of the most respected in the nation and graduates transfer to top colleges across the country. A few short hours from Raleigh, NC, Greensboro has also developed into a hotbed of emerging downtown culture, thanks to the success of such local businesses as Cornerstone Books, Gourmet Food & Drink, and The Village. In addition to boasting some fine public schools, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has created a highly successful performing arts department, too. This means that Greensboro is a great place for families to have children, and it's one of the few cities in the Carolinas that offers great public school while still being one of the most dynamic places to live.

Another advantage to living in Greensboro is that many of your favorite retail outlets are located within walking distance, so you'll never have to leave your own home. This means you can shop at whatever strikes your fancy during any given day. Add to that the fact that Greensboro is home to the beloved NASCAR Hall of Fame and you have a town full of proud pro athletes and famous personalities. So if you've always wanted to be involved in the sports scene, Greensboro North Carolina is a great choice. There are plenty of things to do, and so many reasons why you should move to this quaint little town.

Climate Condition In Greensboro, NC 27401

If you are looking for a unique art experience, Greensboro North Carolina may be the right city for you. The city is home to a number of galleries, museums, and workshops. Here, you can explore the history of the town as well as local artists' work. Several of the galleries in Greensboro are free to attend. You can also visit Sylvia's, a popular art space with a rotating lineup of artists.

Greensboro is a thriving college town with many attractions that appeal to a wide range of visitors. You can visit museums, historical sites, parks, and restaurants. The city is also a hub for sports and big college events, which make it a popular place for college students. While you're in Greensboro, be sure to spend some time walking around the downtown area, where you'll find plenty of treasures hidden around every corner.

If you want to spend the night with your significant other, you can take them to the Greensboro Theater, one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Greensboro Theater was constructed in the 1920s and is a historic landmark in the city. Despite the fire in 1981, the theater has remained a quaint and time-honored tradition. It has survived a number of fires and is now a popular tourist destination.

For art enthusiasts, the city has many museums and galleries to offer. The University of North Carolina Greensboro campus houses the Weatherspoon Art Museum, which was established in 1941. The museum was originally a teaching gallery, but soon turned into a full-fledged museum. Today, the museum showcases contemporary and modern art. Its goal is to enrich the lives of the community and students. It prides itself on fostering diversity. Visitors to the museum can enjoy more than 15 different exhibitions a year, and participate in various educational and outreach efforts.

For kids, Greensboro Children's Museum is an excellent place to spend an afternoon. The museum features 20 interactive areas for kids of all ages. From toddlers to elementary school students, the museum is open every day but Monday. It is open every day except Monday and is free to visit. The museum is conveniently located in downtown Greensboro. It is an ideal destination for families with children of all ages. So many fun things to do in Greensboro are available in this city.

The Carolina Theater is the only remaining movie house in the city. Here, you can catch classic films or attend a live performance. During the day, the theatre also hosts princess-themed tea parties and performances of the ballet "Cinderella." During the evening, the Carolina Theater features classical art and theatrical performances. You can even get a tour of the theater for a small fee. If you're looking for a romantic dinner for two, you'll find a number of places in the city that are great for that.

You'll find many unique restaurants in Greensboro. The city has many bars and restaurants. The city has an abundance of seafood and barbecue restaurants, but there's more to eat in Greensboro. For those who like to have a casual dinner, there are also several unique eateries in town that will satisfy your craving. There are also several delicious options for brunch. Among the many local restaurants in Greensboro, Freeman's Grub and Pub serves Cubanos, delicious crafted cocktails, and has a full bar.

Economic Growth In Greensboro, NC 27401

After the Civil War, Greensboro began attracting new industrialists from the north. In the 1890s, Moses and Caesar Cone established large-scale textile plants in the area. They transformed the town from a small farming community into a thriving metropolis, bringing manufacturing jobs to the area. The Cone brothers' factories created denim, flannel, and overalls. These industries fueled Greensboro's growth and prosperity.

In 1962, protests erupted in the area over the desegregation of Woolworth's. The White Business Community eventually acceded to the desegregation of Woolworth's. However, the civil rights movement aimed for much more. In addition to desegregation of public places, protesters also sought economic justice, hiring policies based on merit, and integration of public schools. In the 1960s, Greensboro was one of the most prominent locations for protests.

Those interested in art and culture will be interested in the Weatherspoon Art Museum located on the campus of the University of North Carolina. The museum is home to the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in the Southeast, with a special focus on American art. The museum also features educational activities, adult education programs, and art-based publications. At times, you can catch an exciting live performance at the acclaimed McLaurin Farms.

The Triad Stage is the city's not-for-profit regional theatre company. The theatre uses local and national talent for its productions. The theatre has been recognized as one of the 50 best regional theaters in the country by New York's Drama League. The theater also hosts the Greensboro Ballet and Community Theatre. It hosts events for children of all ages. It is also home to the North Carolina Theatre Conference.

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum is another highlight of a trip to Greensboro. Located at Elm Street, the center is the site of the 1960's peaceful sit-ins that started the civil rights movement in the United States. This museum is a must-see for any visitor to Greensboro. Its three-floor, interactive exhibits are engaging and educational. You can also participate in educational events to learn more about the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

Downtown Greensboro offers a variety of sights and attractions that will satisfy any visitor. Those who are looking for family fun should consider the Greensboro Children's Museum, Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden, and Antique Market Place. If you are a parent with children, Greensboro's Children's Museum and Gateway Gardens Children's Garden are perfect for a family trip. Just remember to check the current opening hours of the museums before you go.

The Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden is the only public botanical garden between Charlotte and Raleigh. Visitors can enjoy the 25 individually-styled garden areas, event spaces, greenhouses, and children's area. Another popular attraction in the area is the Old Mill of Guilford, a working water-powered grist mill on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill produces stone-ground meals, honey, pottery, and an array of crafts.

Things To Do In Greensboro, NC 27401

Greensboro is a great place for the whole family. It is home to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There are also many parks in the area. If you like to stay active, Greensboro has several trails that you can hike or bike on. The trails are easy to navigate, and you'll be surrounded by beautiful pine and Magnolia trees. In the fall, you can enjoy the 'Woods of Terror' event at McLaurin Farm.

Visitors to Greensboro, North Carolina, should also visit the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. This landmark commemorates the 1960s sit-ins that led to the civil rights movement. Four Black college students, who had been discriminated against, sat at a white-only lunch counter. The non-violent protests brought attention to segregationist policies. In 2010, the Woolworth's store was reopened as the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. The museum features Civil Rights history and exhibits.

If you're looking for a place to take the kids for a day of fun, Greensboro is a great place to visit. There are many attractions in town, including the Carolina SciQuarium and the Greensboro Science Center. There's something for the whole family. There's also a zoo and aquarium at the Science Center. You'll be amazed at the variety of animals you can see, including waddling penguins, poison-dart frogs, and golden lion tamarins.

If you're interested in art, there are several museums to visit in Greensboro. The Weatherspoon Art Museum is one of the best. It features exhibitions by local and national artists. The museum also has hands-on workshops and lectures. You can even take a leisurely walk through the exhibitions. Another great place to visit is the Ambleside Gallery, which was founded in Manchester, England, and has been in Greensboro for 18 years. It displays works by local, national, and international artists. Its permanent collection contains over 30 artists.

The National Civil Rights Museum is another good place to visit in Greensboro. It features artifacts from the American Civil War and Ku Klux Klan robes. This museum is a must-see for anyone interested in American history. A summer market is another good way to spend time in Greensboro. The city is home to many events and festivals that bring people from all over the world. The city is also an excellent place to experience American history.

Visitors can also take part in various educational activities in Greensboro. The University of North Carolina Greensboro has several art museums, including the Weatherspoon Art Museum. The Weatherspoon Art Museum contains the largest collection of modern art in the southeast. The museum's program is diverse and features over 15 exhibitions per year. In addition, it also features art-based publications and educational programs. It also hosts many events for children of all ages.

For kids, the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is a great place to visit. This public garden features bronze statues and traditional annual plantings. It's 7.5 acres of engaging features. There are also sensory gardens, an interactive landscape experience, and a Paver Plaza. If you love history, you can also visit the Greensboro History Museum, which features 17,000 square feet of exhibits. Aside from museums, Greensboro also has a rich cultural and historic scene.

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Local Greensboro Business Network will be able to give you information about all of the various business owners in the area as well as which ones you should contact in order to become a member. You can always join a business networking network later on, after you have found a business that you like. The Greenboro Business Network is designed to provide you with contact information for a variety of different businesses and organizations that are in the Greensboro area. They have various events hosted throughout the year at various locations, so be sure to check out their website often to see what they have scheduled for the future.

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